I’ve always found it easier to express myself through written word. On some days it feels more organic than speaking, rendering not unreasonable the assumption that my first cry unto the world might’ve come in format of a highly emotive essay. Or at the very least, a desire for more dexterity than my infantile sausage fingers may or may not have granted so that I could write a highly emotive essay.

My introduction to gaming came in 2000, in the guise of Super Mario Land, playing with infuriated vigor on my uncle’s original Game Boy, and watching my cousin play Crash Bandicoot 3. After a while, my uncle gave me his clunky old Playstation; a vessel that – unbeknownst to me- would become one of my favourite gaming platforms of all time. A the time, it set my brother and I off on many tirades of curtain-sheltered platforming, as our first non-portable console.

I’ve since enjoyed Uncharted‘s narrative-driven styles and The Elder Scrolls‘ sprawling worlds; Hotline Miami‘s reflexive arguments around gaming’s meaning and Shovel Knight’s ode to games’ popular S/NES eras. Earthbound and Super Metroid are amongst my favourites on the SNES itself.

Games are ultimately forms of entertainment, there’s no doubt about that. But more and more titles are experimenting, occasionally succeeding, with finding their voice as creative mediums. The more I play, the more I re-evaluate how games are evolving, and indeed, how quickly. And the more apparent that becomes, the more inextricably evident becomes the notion that games should be written about.

In any case, there are still many times to be had, and I’m enjoying each one I discover. Even Bubsy 3D. Because at least when I (and let’s use this term delicately) ‘play’ Bubsy 3D, there’s a significant chance my day won’t get much worse.

I currently own a PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and a PC. And all emanate a positive aroma of

I like to deconstruct film and television, so will post thoughts on these too, from time to time.


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